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Our web hosting packages have been assembled so, that everything you need is included. It may happen that this and that are necessary to set up and you have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with it.
Some examples:

-       Option Managed Webhosting where we set on your demand e-mail addresses, install Web applications, configure additional domains etc. Read more ...

-       Web Presence Builder is a simple tool, for simple but beautiful sites to create on your own. Read more

-       SSL Certificate to provide your customers  a safe and trusted connection, for online shop with the order and payment.

-       Site Lock to be sure that your website and your business is not ruined by malicious software.

-       For more options, see the table below:

Webhosting Options



E - commerce

 Managed Webhosting Fr. 9.90 Fr. 9.90 Fr. 9.90
 Web Presence Builder for 1 Domain Fr. 9.90 Fr. 9.90 Fr. 9.90
 SSL Certificate 1 Year Fr. 49.90 Fr. 49.90
 SiteLock Basic Fr. 199.90 Fr. 199.90
 SiteLock Premium Fr. 239.00 Fr. 239.00 + Fr. 120.00
 SiteLock Enterprise Fr. 299.00 Fr. 299.00 + Fr. 180.00
 Invoice by mail (per shipment) Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00
 Backup Restore in Control Panel Free Free Free
 Backup Restore per order (Server Backup) Fr. 99.00 Fr. 99.00 Fr. 99.00
 Additional 5 GB of storage per month Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00
 Additional 5 Domains per month Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00 Fr. 5.00


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