SSL Certificate

Offer your customers 100 % security. The protection of privacy online is an important safety feature, especially for e-commerce and online stores. With the SSL certificate, your website is immediately recognized as safe for your customers. Thus, any personal data or credit card information are protected at the highest level against abuse in the transmission. And your image against damage.
SmartWebhosting offers SSL certificates issued by a CA (Certificate Authority), which checks the identity of the applicant based on various rules.


Why security certificates?

Security certificates increase the trustworthiness of websites and traffic. Our partner Comodo checks both the identity and the credibility of websites and encrypt the traffic and give.


More sales with secure ordering

Studies have shown that online sellers can demonstrate effective ordering processes and thus higher sales with an SSL certificate. The reason: Know online customers that your website is safe,they can make transactions without security problems.


Fast delivery and installation

Our Customers, who take advantage of webhostingservices with us, get its SSL certificate quickly and easily delivered. Our technical team will also install the certificate on your website.

SSL Certificate

From 49 Fr./Year



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