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Own Website, Made by Yourself

With Web Presence Builder web design makes just fun!

With the websites Toolkit Web Presence Builder you design your own website, without having to read a manual. Web Presence Builder is intuitive to use and easy to learn. They provide all content with simply drag and drop together. Then you already know everything to make your own website with Web Presence Builder!

More than 100 design templates!

For SMEs and individuals:
Web Presence Builder will deliver with full content website designs (called "themes"). These include texts and images that are tailored to the needs of over 100 corporate and organizational types. You can apply a theme as it is or change the design, text or images as desired.
The website designs contain all the necessary for your company site structures, text and images and can be released immediately
Over 400 pre-licensed images included
Fully customizable with your own layout, text and images, etc.

Constructed intuitively

Web Presence Builder is structured as easy and intuitive as possible. Write your texts as in Word, and insert images easily to the desired location you demand it. Widgets for forms and more, you can easily add with drag-and-drop

Faster online

Web Presence Builder takes from you time-consuming work. With one click you can switch from one design template to the other design template - Web Presence Builder automatically adjusts all the content on the new design.

Intelligent Widgets

Thanks widgets you add to your site useful functions. Photo galleries, videos and Facebook are just a few parts from Widgets that you can easily install with drag & drop.


With the picture widget, you can upload individual photos or images, respectively setup galleries or slideshows. You just need to drag the widget icon to the location where you want to show the images.


Link movies from video portals such as YouTube or Vimeo just on your website. Copy the embed code, paste, done!!


If you want to keep an online diary on your website or regularly publish articles about a topic and present them in chronological order, you need a blog.


If your website visitors will have the opportunity to leave comments on websites, you have to insert the comment module in this website.


After publishing a website on the Internet, you can attract more visitors to the website by publishing a copy of the website on the popular social networking site Facebook.

Online shop

Integrate an online store into your website and sell online your products. You can choose between different payment options.


You can upload your documents, pictures and other files in different formats to the editor (on the documents tab) and then insert links to these elements in your websites.


Create individual contact forms, without having to program.

Custom scripts

You can insert custom scripts that are written in PHP, JavaScript or VBScript on any page of your site.

Search on the Website

If you want to allow your visitors to search on your website for information, you can add search bar on your website.

Web Presence Builder

Web Presence Builder
30 Days Free Trial

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Test the Web Presence Builder free for 30 days and without any obligation..




The user interface is clearly designed and easy to use and intuitive

Design templates

  • One of over 100 industry-specific design templates for SMEs or individuals is the foundation of your website. Customize it with a few mouse clicks.

Text Editor

  • Write your texts as in Word. In fact in the web browser, which means anytime, anywhere in real time!


  • Our widgets (applications) you expand your site with a single click to practical functions such as galleries or directions.

Color Palette

  • With the color palette you can choose your favorite colors or implement for your corporate identity one to one. Just as you imagine.


  • Individual elements of your site you can edit immediately and online. For example you can enlarge, reduce, replace or delete an image.


  • Add new pages, define their order or remove pages that are no longer current.


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