Web design includes two types of services: creating websites and creating contents that appear on the internet, such as advertisements. SmartWebhosting offers three packages of services called Basic, Advanced and E-commerce. The models are there, because we feel that the packages match three types of websites most sought after, but also as an orientation, so you can easily see the services provided with each price, or see if you need a website that has a little bit of one, and a little bit of the other package, or functions not listed here. In fact, there are a number of advanced services not included in the packages, because they are specific and we can recommend these services once we get to know the business represented by the website – that can be everything from flash animations to Android applications.

We will do our best to help you in turning your offer into an offer perfectly suited for the internet. We will write texts together, or take photographs and choose them. Naturally, if you have all this material prepared in advance, that is even better. If you are not sure how to represent your business, don’t worry. Years of experience have taught us to give you an idea about the appearance and structure of your website, immediately after hearing a little bit about your business. Whichever package you choose, you will be saving your time and money, if you give your trust to us, and the end result will be a unique website of high quality.




E - commerce

Number of HTML pages 5 10 15+
Image gallery
Contact form
Google maps
Website Search
Top level Domain
E-mails under domain
Price Contact us Contact us Contact us

Note: Listed packages do not include writing texts for a client, taking or scaning photographs, typing or translating texts, or maintaining a website.
Package services can be combined per client's wishes. In that case, the price varies according to specific demands. If you have a specific demand not listed above feel free to address us via online request form.


An excellent way to get a professional and modern website for an affordable price, in only 30 days. SmartWebhosting is a pioneer of web design services on this market, because we offer you server hosting with website design in a very affordable price range – and that makes us unique in Switzerland. We have a gallery of design solutions, which you can see in use on other websites. You can quickly decide, the details concerning the design for your website.

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Sell your products or services online. E-commerce is the final package – it offers a web shop; a website that, besides the mentioned functions of the first two packages, contains a backup for online sale. An unlimited number of articles and categories, changing parameters with just one click. This package is necessary in order to attract customers who use the Internet to acquaint themselves with the offer in their country.

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